Are there any templates for Australian passports?


Passport for every country has different requirements and it cannot be a day when you can find a similar pattern of passport for two different countries. If you are planning to visit Australia anytime soon, this guide is for you. For an Australian citizen, the passport requirements are quite basic. A passport photo maker online free can help you to find various templates available that you can utilize for your Australian passport. Usually, an Australian passport requires two biometric photographs. These photographs can either be taken via an online photo booth or you can simply create them using a free online visa photo maker.

There are some other requirements needed to be fulfilled to get your passport accepted by the Australian authorities. If you are opting for a passport template, make sure it is the right one with maximum chances of acceptance.

Requirements of Australian Passport Photos

Usually, the templates for an Australian passport require pictures of sizes between 35×45 mm to 40×50 mm. Your head should be 32mm and 36mm from the chin to the top. Using an online passport photo tool, you should be careful about these dimensions.

The picture should be of good quality, clear and focused. If you have the pictures printed in bulk, make sure they’re kept with care and there are no scratches, folded corners or damage on the pictures. The Australian passport requires a specific background that is either plain, uniform white or grey. The best online passport photo tool will provide the option to set this background with the help of various background enhancement features. You can take the picture in front of a simple white wall as it can serve the requirement accurately.

Next comes the facial expressions. Set a centred posture with a face not tilted in any direction. Keep your mouth fully closed and look straight into the camera with eyes wide open. Keep the expressions minimal. For a professional picture, there is no need to smile a lot. A soft-looking face would serve the requirements. 

Look into the lightning as you aim to take the picture using an online passport photo tool. There should be no shadows or patterns in the picture. A balanced brightness level with avoidance of extreme exposures would be fine to apply. 

Do not use any extra accessories. Pull away your long hair and tie them neatly. No headphones or sunglasses are allowed. If you cover your hair with a scarf or turban, you’ll be allowed to wear it for your passport photo but no other item that causes obstruction of the view is not recommended.

In recent years, with an advancement in the technology and evolution of online tools and editors, you can create your own passport photo template by using an online passport photo tool for free while sitting at your home. This is the most convenient and easy experience providing maximum satisfaction and quality service to the user. All you have to do is to search for a passport photo maker online for free, choose the option that is best suited for you, follow the instructions of the tool and you’ll be done. 

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