Can A Hijab Be Worn For A Passport Photo?

Hijab Be Worn For A Passport Photo

Visa and passport are necessary if you are traveling to another country, your passport should have a passport photo that will be your identification to another country. Your passport photo should be of high quality with certain requirements that need to be fulfilled to get an acceptable passport and visa.

Different countries have different rules if we are talking about what to wear and how to react to the passport photo. Usually, other countries forbid wearing hijab or covering your head.

International Civil Aviation Organisation Law For Hijab

According to the international civil aviation organization that is responsible for the regulation of the format of biometric passports internationally, the head can be covered in passport photos only for religious purposes or for any other medical reason.

So, women can keep their hijab for religious purposes. But in that case, if you are wearing a hijab your photo must be able to get recognized and all the biometric information should be readable on machines at airports.

Your eyes should be wide open and the area from your forehead to the base of your chin and the area between both the ears should be prominent or visible, avoid any religious accessories that cover your facial features and shadow behind you.

Hijab Allowed For Religious Purposes

There is no such rule that states that the hijab is not allowed for documentary pictures or they have to remove the hijab. According to the rules, it is clear that religious headgear is allowed to wear it but their whole face should be visible and some say ears are also required to be captured in the picture but it is not really required.

As the Muslim women that wear hijab, nuns also wear hijab, and Sikh use to tie turbans. Usually, Sikhs wear a turban in their passport picture. You can prepare the visa photo online by wearing a hijab.

Passport Photo Guidelines For Hijab

Head coverings of any kind are usually forbidden for the people but there is an exception for religious purposes. The State Department generally forbids it but it is allowed with an exception to those who wear it on a daily basis and who provide valid written reasons for wearing it. But the hijab that covers your face completely is not allowed. That hijab is the niqab, burqa, etc.

Headbands and other large accessories might lead to the rejection of your passport these rules are even applied on babies, not to wear a large headset

You can prepare your passport size photo online while wearing a hijab but remember not to cover your face fully.

Wearing Hijab Not Prohibited

You are not allowed to wear any kind of hat or scarf but wearing hijab in a way that does not cover your face is not prohibited. The one you wear on a daily basis for religious purposes so that it may not look different when it is checked at the airport.

If you are afraid to reveal your face or it is religiously prohibited to reveal it in front of a man then you can capture your picture at home and there are various online passport photo tools that will help you prepare your passport picture at home through various sites.

Not only do these sites prepare your photo but several sites will help you save your money as the sites like free online visa photo maker will prepare your photo free of cost.

Concluding It

Hijab is not forbidden for women who wear it for religious purposes as long as your face is not covered or you are not wearing anything else that covers your face revealing ears is not necessary as well.

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