Can we reuse passport photos?


Photos are kept as a collection of memories usually because they are clicked on occasions that are worth cherishing and remembering frequently but when you take a passport photo, there may be the occurrence of this scenario where you have a bundle of extras with zero ideas of utilizing them. Since they are photos, simple and professional, you cannot use them for Instagram or Facebook. Hence, they stay in your drawer as a useless piece of paper. Now comes the question, are these photos even reusable? 

The answer is yes, and how you can use them is addressed in this read below.

The best time to reuse a passport photo

Photos taken by an online passport photo tool are usually of good quality. If you have kept your passport photos still clean and new looking, you can use them only in the case of applying for a replacement of passport if the original is either missing, damaged or stolen. This still applies a condition of recency. Yes, you can only use similar photographs again, if your document was granted within 6 months and the duplicate is required in a similar time span. Unlike this scenario, your passport photos won’t be accepted.

The worst time to reuse a passport photo

Now this is tricky as you might think some of the photos made by an online passport photo tool can be reused while applying for the renewal of your passport. Even for this, you will be required to submit the most recent photograph as the passport picture should showcase your current look.

If you have gone through facial surgery or have got a new tattoo or piercing, it is yet again important to get your picture changed according to these changes. The renewal of photographs also applies in case you have gone through dramatic weight gain or loss or a gender transition. In case of any such, you will require a signed statement from your doctor to prove the validity of the consequence.

However, minor haircuts won’t require photograph renewal.

What other options to reuse a passport photograph?

The above description doesn’t mean the extra photos you created from your online passport photo tool will be of no use. You can utilize them in various ways, for example, as a driver’s license, health card, telephone subscription, a visa or a police verification report.

Similarly, you can use the bulk passport photographs for educational purposes as well. School ID cards, annual reports, and certificates can be submitted as a passport photograph as a great and completely suited option.
If you want to renew your passport photographs, no need to go to a photobooth, just order a passport photo online or check out the saved items in your online passport photo tool, select the image you want to use for renewal, change the specifications, and download them for the appropriate usage. The best online passport photo tool will help you create pictures of various designs and backgrounds that can be used more than once on numerous occasions without any hassle.

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