Comparative Analysis of free online passport photo making tools


Since the time, an advancement in the picture capturing has been observed, there are various online passport photo editors that have created a buzz and have provided great services to the users. From the appropriate usage of these applications, a visa photo online can be created that too free of cost and while sitting at home. With the passage of time, many editing tools and applications have made it to the maximum customer feedback and looking at those, you must be wondering which one you should use. 
To help you sort the best online passport photo tool, below described is a comparative analysis of a few commonly used passport size photo editors.


This online passport photo editor is a great one in terms of resizing a picture to passport size photo. It’s special feature is that it has an option to choose a specific country type and ID. The tool will shift to the specifications according to the country. After uploading the picture, you can crop it as you want and also enhance the background to either white or blue color theme. The created image can be used for further printing or as an online submission. 


It provides the feature of background enhancement and downloading for printing purposes.


This online passport photo maker supports images in the formats of JPEG or JPG only.


This application serves you to create a passport size photo online by making you choose the country first for which you need the image to be processed for. Next, it will enable you to preview the processed image after which you are required to pay an amount to get the picture downloaded.


VisaFoto serves as an online passport photo editor with a simple and quick interface. It enables automatic formatting depending on the country you have chosen.


It is not free of cost and cannot be handled manually.

Online Passport Photo

Online passport photo is the application that helps you with an automatic configuration to create required images. It also allows you to capture a fresh photo for editing or can edit a previous one from your image folder. The image can be processed with various editing features and can be downloaded to use. You can also receive it via email as a document.


This online passport photo maker helps you to use a mobile camera for capturing the photo. It also supports all formats of picture.


It does not support file size greater than 10 MB.


PersoFoto acts as an online editing app that allows you to upload a picture from your system and edit it according to your required specifications. After you upload a selected picture, you can rotate it, move its position and enable the mask option.


This application is another one that allows you to capture images through your system and helps to get a visa photo online in a simple and user friendly interface.


There is no feature of batch processing.
You might find many other online passport photo editors. The best way to choose the righteous for yourself is by going through their website and features the application is providing. If you are opting for a paid subscription, it is better to read reviews about that online passport photo tool. It will help you get to know the customer feedback.

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