How Big is a Passport Photo?

How Big is a Passport Photo?

Are you an avid traveler or a vlogger who travels all over the world then you might be aware of how crucial it is to know the size of the passport photo. Has your passport expired and you are looking to renew it? You still need passport photos to process the application. 

But, wherever you travel you should be familiar with the basic passport photo rules. Every country has different rules and you need to comply with them to get approval.

If you don’t want to be involved in the daily hustle and bustle of getting your passport-sized photos then you can create your own passport photos. Thanks to the online passport photo tool that watches your needs, ensuring you a sigh of relief with just a few simple steps to follow.

Do you know the dimensions of a standard passport-size photo? Today we will be talking about how big a passport photo is and this will surely cover up some of your major queries.

Why does every country use different passport photo dimensions?

This is due to the personal choice of the government. Governments are more inclined towards the ease of citizens, so whatever size they think suits best for a passport has utmost importance. Every country goes through a different set of facial recognition and metrics to avoid increasing identity thefts. It is safe to say that every country follows a different pattern due to safety and security concerns.

How Big is a Passport Photo?

Now, let us get back to your question. We hope that you understand why every country demands different requirements. Moving on to the size, most countries follow the 35×45 and 2×2 dimensions. These dimensions are considered as an ideal set of dimensions and no one has the right to disregard them.

35×45 mm Photos

This is the most commonly used passport photo size used by countries such as the UK, Australia, and Singapore. Other than these dimensions are not accepted by respective governments. Therefore, take care of the dimensions to avoid rejection.

Head height must be somewhere around 29-34 mm. The width and height of the photo must be 35:45 mm. Lastly, the head height and the top of the photo must have a distance of 4.9mm.

2×2 inch Photos

This type of dimension is widely used in countries such as India and the USA. As the name suggests, 2×2 means the width and height. The head’s height must be 1 inch to 1 3/8 inch or 50-70% of the photo.

Other Requirements

Although the size of the passport photo is always a major concern, there are also some other factors that contribute to the approval of a passport-sized photo. Neglecting other factors such as clothing, background, facial expressions, and posture may lead to the denial of passport photos. So, it is crucial to know about the complete requirements and then submit the visa application.

How to Create Passport Size Photos at Home?

Here comes the most frequently asked question. So, there’s a passport photo maker online free that sets the tone of the normal image according to the requirements of the passport size. These photos are created with AI detection. 

What’s more? They have a pretty simple process, just visit the website and you will be able to create multiple passport photos. And, if you get stuck anywhere, responsive customer service is always there to guide you.

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