How do you find the “place of issue” for a UK passport?


Passports are tricky documents. They require information processed and verified after complicated procedures. Travelling to international countries, a passport is the most essential document you will be required to get made with complete accuracy as soon as possible. Planning for the UK, you must require a great deal of documentation to be completed. This read would help you gather helpful information that can help you to get a smooth and convenient passport application process.

Documentation to be attached

For your UK passport, you would require original documents to be submitted. No photocopies will be accepted or entertained. Make sure that your official documents, for example, your birth certificate is in English language or else you will be required to submit a translated scanned copy that you can create with the help of an online passport photo tool.

As you are well aware of the terms and conditions now, next up is the understanding of citizenship. If you were born in UK and are a British citizen, you will be asked to submit your mother’s or father’s full UK birth certificate, or the Home Office certificate of registration or naturalization, or a British passport belonging to one of your parents that was valid when you were born, or a British passport number of any of the parents. If you are submitting the documents of your father, you will be required to submit their marriage certificate as well.


The most important part of any application is the submission of photographs that comes in with a set of particular instructions needed to be followed otherwise the application may face severe rejection. For applying for a UK passport, the option of online application procedure requires a digital photograph, someone who can confirm your identity, a few supporting documents, along with a credit or debit card. The digital photograph can be taken online with the help of an online passport photo maker as latest as it can be. Ensure that the picture you are taking is clear and focused, colored and without any alteration of application of filters by any beauty software. The free online visa photo maker would provide you options to get the picture in various sizes. A UK passport usually recommends a picture that is at least 50KB – 10 MB or say at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall.

Place of Issue

The UK passport has this unique specification addressing the place of issue. It is usually the city where the issuance office of your passport is located. You can connect yourself to that place and get all the necessary details that can help you find the place of issue on your UK passport. 

Passport and visa procedures can be a hectic deal if not taken seriously. It is always better to do comprehensive research, work on the details, get all your documents gathered, get the pictures made through an online passport photo tool, and then start the application process so that nothing comes in between a smooth procedure. 

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