What aspect ratio is a passport photo?


Photos for professional purposes have various attributes. There is no possibility and encouragement of changing those by applying any beauty filters or face adjustment tools. The photos required for a passport or visa should be having a specific size, colour, background, and aspect ratio. Imagine yourself getting pictures for your passport from a photo booth by investing a good deal of time and money only for a rejection from the office due to a minor loophole. This can be avoided by getting your pictures in the best aspect ratio from an online passport photo editor with all the ease and convenience.

Read ahead and make yourself aware of all the requirements you should know before clicking a picture by using an online passport photo tool.

Aspect Ratio

Since you are taking pictures using an online passport photo editor, you should focus on the aspect ratio of the picture. Before you ask, what is it, here is a quick brief. The ratio of the width of an image to the height of an image is called an aspect ratio, usually declared by two numbers separated with a colon in between. Usually, it is suggested to get a visa photo online with a square aspect ratio with minimum dimension size of 600 x 600 pixels and a maximum dimension of 1200 x 1200 pixels. Further specifications depend on the country type you’re applying for as every country has its own eligibility requirements.

How to get a valid passport photo

With all the specifications met, there still occurs a rejection sometimes. Following are the tips that you can follow to get a valid passport photo with maximum chances of acceptance.

  • Capture a recent photo instead of submitting an older one as the passport requires a photo taken within a span of 6 months.
  • The photo you have taken by your online passport photo editor should not be a black and white one. Instead, a colored photograph is accepted.
  • Do not try to add on any artificial beauty element as it won’t do any good and will lead to rejection only.
  • It is recommended that the photo should be taken by a friend or family member. If you are taking it on your own, adjust the camera. It should not look like a selfie.
  • The best online passport photo tool will provide you with the feature of background enhancement. Don’t think of it as useless as you’ll be required to adjust your background in either blue or black color.
  • After setting the picture as required, next comes the printing. Choose matte or glossy paper for the printing of your photographs. Make sure your quality has most of the excellence.

It is not always required to get yourself an appointment for a photo booth booked or a photographer is made to come over to your place to click your photos. The ease and convenience for important procedures of visa and passport, an online passport photo editor provides is nothing less than a miracle. You can get quality visa photos online at your home in the quantity and type of your own choice. 

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