What to Wear for Perfect Passport Photos? Simple and Useful Tips


Confess it, printing a passport photo can be hard. Sometimes the size of the passport photo varies or straight-up being incorrect when printed at home. Keeping stay at home and take a photo of your passport, ID, or other documents at any place and any time! Order passport photos online and get quality photos suitable for passport applications within just a few minutes! It is also a 100% safe option in the Covid-19 pandemic times plus a more convenient solution.

There are special rules acquired by every country on what to wear for passport photos. And countries like the U.S providing stern guidelines for their passport photos and don’t hesitate to reject the applications if you fail to meet the conditions. Here at, Perfect Passport Photos we’ve been helping people to order passport photos online.

For a passport photo to be accurate, a person has to follow these dress codes to avoid any dismissal. Follow these simple tips whenever you take a passport photo.

Regular Attire

A person taking a passport photo should always wear attire that he/she wears regularly which means you can wear any easy-going dress of your choice for a passport photo.

Dark shaded dresses

Every country prefers a light-colored background for their passport photo. Always choose a dark-shaded dress to divergence the background.

Things you should prevent

Below are the things that should be avoided in taking passport photos.


Most countries do not suggest people wear glasses for their passport photos. Only if the person who has recently gone through surgery in the eye can have an exception to it but, they have to submit a letter from a trained physician to the authorities.


You should not wear any hat or other headgears other than religious reasons. As it leads to refusal of your application.

Hairstyle that covers your face

Taking a passport photo, don’t make such a hairstyle that is covering the vital parts of the face like the eyes or the ears, which can lead to rejections.

Headphones and other accessories

Avoid wearing smart devices and other accessories in order to take a perfect passport photos.

Large Hair Accessories

Don’t wear huge hair accessories when you go to get your passport photo. You should also avoid any large hair clips, bows, or ribbons. If you need to pull your hair back, use ponytail holders.

What’s most important, though, is that you choose an outfit that makes you feel confident, your passport photo will be just fine! Feel free to contact us for simple, easy and quick services.

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