Why Do I Look Bad in Passport Photos?

Look Bad in Passport Photos

Do you have a photogenic face but still you are unable to get the desired passport photos? Does filling the passport application and attaching your bad passport photos seem an awkward task to you? If your answer is yes then this blog is specifically dedicated to you. 

Getting a fine-looking picture at home is an easy job but what really matters the most is to get a perfect passport photo. But, do you know why we get deprived of it? This depends upon several factors such as different environments, lighting, background, and especially camera quality.

The job of getting perfect passport photos gets more difficult especially when you are at a photo booth or a drugstore, as there’s a long queue of customers who are waiting for their turn. Therefore, if you want the best shortcut and want your passport photos as per your interest then an online passport photo tool editor can be the best bet, which you can create from your home. 

Besides, the photographer at the photo booth might end up taking photos in a few takes with puffy results but when you are at home taking up your passport photos, you get endless opportunities to obtain the best shot.

In this blog, you will learn how to stand out from the rest and avoid looking bad on your passport photos. Follow the tips and techniques and optimize your passport photos in the best possible way.

Factors Contributing to the Bad Picture

As discussed earlier, there are several factors that contribute to an atrocious photo. Let’s talk about them and how we can eradicate them.

Insufficient Lighting

Bad lighting at the photo studio might be one of the reasons behind your bad passport photos. However, you can always make use of the editor and fine-tune the improvements if you are taking photos at home. As for the studio, you can request for a retake simply or ask him to make adjustments. Or else, ensure having a well-lit environment before you take a passport photo to expect a better version of your photos.


Another reason that you look bad in a passport background is due to the neutral color background such as white and blue. Simple colors tend to kill the attractiveness and make the background boring. Therefore, you need to accept this as many authorities consider it as a requirement.

Camera Quality

The phone and DSLR camera quality varies significantly. There’s a greater probability that you can take a better picture at home with appropriate filters and technical settings but you can’t do anything for a photographer.

What to Consider While Taking Better Quality Passport Photos

If you want to make sure that your captured passport photos are really up to the mark then avoid doing these things.

  • Wear any kind of headgear such as a cap, glasses, or etc.
  • Don’t put extravagant makeup.
  • Don’t wear even the smallest earrings.

You can only wear headwear like scarves for religious purposes otherwise it is strictly prohibited.

How to Get Perfect Passport Photos?

If you are truly dissatisfied with the results of your passport photos and want to enhance them so that it meets your criteria then simply sit back in your home and capture passport photos from the comfort of your home.

Take your Passport Photos at Home

Yes, you can take passport photos at home that meet all the related guidelines and you won’t have to face disapproval. There are plenty of tools available online for your convenience, make use of them and utilize the features. You have a great chance to get the best photo of yourself with unlimited takes, no additional costs, and camera quality up to your expectations. Order passport photos online and get relief from a bad photo.

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