Why do people mix up the concept of visa and passport photos?


Growing up we hear various terminologies that excite us to every level but despite having the maximum curiosity to know what they mean, we sometimes go with the flow, carrying our own meaning for the rest of our lives. Similar is the scenario experienced when we asked people the differences between a visa photo and a passport photo. You get to know the differences and requirements of both when you professionally experience the process of availing one.

This comprehensive guide will help you know the differences between a visa photo online and a passport photo.

What is a passport photo?

Before you know the requirements for a passport photo, know that a passport is used to verify one’s country of citizenship.  It is used to regain entry into your country while you’re traveling outside. For a passport, you require a passport photo either taken at a photobooth or created by an online passport photo editor.  It also includes your date of birth, gender, and other physical attributes. Government officials and diplomats are granted different passports contrary to regular citizens or travelers.

If you’re willing to capture a passport photo online, follow these instructions obediently.

  • Capture a clear and focused image.
  • Capture it with normal expressions and gestures.
  • Use the required background, which can be either blue or white. Your online passport photo editor would provide you with an option to enhance the background. 
  • Do not take a selfie, get the picture clicked properly.
  • Do not apply any beauty filters on the image.

What is a visa photo?

This one is for another country. A visa is an endorsement placed within a passport that grants the holder official permission to enter, leave or stay in a country for a specified time period. Visas require an application to be filled and submitted as a part of the procedure for which you’re required to submit a visa photo online.

Visa applications are very important and a bit complicated as well. Visa photos play a vital role in the application. For some visa categories, you might require a digital visa photo online. The acceptance of the submitted photos is mandatory from the country embassy or consulate you’re applying at.

If you’re taking a visa photo online with the help of an online passport photo editor, you should follow these steps to maximize the chances of photo acceptance. 

  • It should be a color picture.
  • It should be latest and taken within 6 months.
  • The face should be in full face view directly facing the camera.
  • Your facial expression should be neutral with eyes open.
  • No specific clothing should be worn for example any uniform won’t be accepted.
  • No accessories should be worn, for example, headphones, earbuds etc.

With the outbreak of covid 19, the usage of masks has been made mandatory but one should always remember that official photos require to see your full face and you should not cover it for visa and passport both.

The best online passport photo tool would help you create pictures for both your visa and passport but you should be clear that both must have different requirements and should be taken accordingly.

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