Why Would a Passport Get Denied or Delayed?


Whether you’re planning to go abroad or dream vacation, if your passport is red-flagged, your dreams can be shattered. For that, It is strongly advisable to do the homework before you submit the paperwork. Unfortunately, the government is not liable to refund the paid amount incase of denial. Not only this, your passport can be held up for an indefinite period.

However, if your passport doesn’t contain any technical issue, you may expect it within the span of 6 to 8 weeks. Gauging the reasons why your passport has been rejected is a daunting task, so it is recommended to apply carefully at the first time.

Here’s how you can tackle the complications while applying for the passport, and learn about the denial reasons.

Filling Incorrect Information

One of the biggest reasons a passport gets rejected is due to the missing information. Filling the information for a passport is not a last-minute thing. Take your time in creating a checklist to ensure you have all the relevant data. 

Cross-check the filled information just as you’re filling it for the first and last time. Also, you need to attach a proof of citizenship and fill a DS-11 form as part of your application. Make sure you follow the basic rules and you’re good to go with your passport.

Passport Photo Issues

Capturing perfect passport photos can be a real ordeal. But, when you have the online passport photo tool available, what else do you need? It’s true that passport photos online can go through the process of passport renewal or creation. The requirements are fulfilled by the online photo software.

For a picture to qualify for the passport, it has to meet some guidelines setup by the government of state. 

It may include:

  • A white background is a must.
  • 2×2 photo size works best.
  • Avoid wearing spectacles or non-prescription glasses.

Alternatively, you may hire a professional photographer to take care of the photo requirements.

Legal issues could be one of the major reasons behind the denial of your passport. 

  • If you owe 2,500$ for child support then your passport may be canceled. Money compensation has to be made before submitting the application.
  • Another reason could be the financial aspect. If you’ve failed to disburse the loans, your passport may be withheld.

These were a few of the reasons that can be issued to you in case of the rejection of your passport. Refrain from wasting your time, better to check the qualification scenario sending the application.

Use of Wrong Ink or Color

This reason may sound a bit weird, but believe me, the government has included this policy under their guidelines to write with the correct ink color. It is recommended to use a black blank pen for a hassle-free passport acceptance. It is imperative to keep the little things in mind while applying for the passport to avoid any complications.

Unclear Dues

After clearing the required information, you are requested to confirm the payable amount. If you couldn’t pay at the moment, or pay the actual amount, chances are your passport may be detained. You need to remember while paying that the total cost would include application fee, processing fees, and fees for the card you choose. Don’t get surprised if you see extra fees that might be due to the faster service, and to securely accept a passport. 

Furthermore, if you’re paying a check, make sure that it is signed legibly by an authority to process your payment feasibly. Paying by debit or credit card? Just bring a driver’s license, and show them if they inquire about it. For cash payment, make sure to count appropriately to avoid further delays.

Messy Documents

Photocopiers become the talk of the town when your passport gets delayed. Yes, the messy photocopies and untidy paperwork can be one of the reasons to break the deal. As you’re submitting to the higher state, your way of compiling the paperwork must be flawless and neat.

To qualify for the requirements, adhere to these basic rules:

  • 8 ½ 11-inch standard paper.
  • Single-sided documents.
  • Shrink image size.
  • Large-sized photos are more suitable.
  • Nothing needs to be written on the pages.


Make your life easy by adhering to the drills, and don’t prolong your passport for the sake of minor faults. I hope these simple yet essential tips will turn out to be effective for you. Read and learn them by heart, so you don’t miss out on any guideline in any case. Share it with your friends, ease the passport acceptance process, and travel the world without hustling.

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